'I didn't go to the loo for eight hours at Taylor Swift's Edinburgh show - big mistake'

The stadium with packed full of 76,000 people, and it showed
-Credit: (Image: Reach PLC/Natalie Haw)

Attending Taylor Swift's second UK Eras Tour show in Edinburgh over the weekend was an unforgettable experience. Seeing such a superstar perform just metres away was a dream come true.

However, as amazing as the concert was - from Taylor's stage presence and incredible vocals, to the skilled dancers and overall production - there were three aspects I found challenging. None of these issues were related to Taylor or her tour, but rather my own poor judgment.

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If you're planning to see her live in the coming weeks, whether it's in Liverpool, Cardiff or London, here are three things I wish I'd known beforehand. The main point is wishing I'd visited the toilet much earlier than I did - as for the other two points, they largely depend on what kind of tickets you have.

1. I wish I'd accepted my fate sooner

For my first point, I wish I'd accepted my fate sooner. To give some context, my friends and I arrived at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium around 1.30pm on Saturday (June 8) - Taylor wasn't due on stage until about 8pm, reports Bristol Live.

We thought we were early, with high hopes of getting a good view of Taylor. We had General Admission Standing tickets, which meant we had to follow the 'pink route' around the stadium.

After having our tickets scanned and bags inspected, it quickly became apparent that we hadn't arrived early enough. Already, a sea of Swifties had formed a queue, many comfortably seated on picnic blankets or deck chairs.

These fans, the majority of whom were VIP ticket holders, had arrived hours before us, gaining entry to the stadium an hour before General Admission ticket holders. At that moment, I wished I'd accepted that we probably wouldn't secure a perfect view of Taylor.

When we were finally allowed into the stadium, just after 4pm, my friends and I bypassed food and restroom breaks in hopes of securing a prime spot near the stage. We were mistaken.

We managed to get as close as physically possible, but the crowd of people already seated on the floor, claiming their space, seemed endless.

So, my advice would be to either arrive extremely early if you're hoping for a close-up view of Taylor. Or accept that you might not be as close as you'd like and may not always have a clear view of her or the screen.

Regardless, being fortunate enough to have tickets to witness Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in person should be satisfaction enough. You're guaranteed to have an unforgettable time eitherway.

2. I wish I went to the toilet

The health-conscious part of me is shouting about my second point. I didn't visit the loo for a full eight hours.

It's clear that I shouldn't have let myself go that long without a bathroom break, and I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to do what I did. In hindsight, I should have made a beeline for the facilities as soon as we arrived at the stadium.

We had used the toilet before catching a taxi to the venue, but once there, we spent two hours queuing. Once inside, our focus was on securing a prime viewing spot rather than risking it all for a trip to the loo.

After finding our spot for the next few hours, we took turns grabbing food. We agreed to use the toilet after Paramore (Taylor Swift's opening act) finished their set so we wouldn't miss any of their performance or Taylor's.

When Paramore wrapped up, one of my mates went to the loo - we tried our best to hold her spot, but the crowd filled in the gap despite knowing she'd return. She was gone for half an hour due to the lengthy queue for the toilets.

When she finally managed to weave her way back through the crowd to her original spot, it was my turn to hit the bathroom. But then, Lady Gaga's hit song Applause started playing.

Any Taylor Swift fan knows that this song signals her imminent arrival on stage. And indeed, that's exactly what happened.

Overwhelmed with panic, I felt compelled to endure another three hours without a toilet break, despite needing one. Somehow, I managed to hold on until the end of her performance - don't ask me how, it's something I'll never repeat.

I regret not going earlier when I should have, instead of prioritising my view. No concert is worth enduring stomach pain because you need the toilet. The gig is lengthy enough; you'll only miss a small portion anyway.

3. I wish I hadn't underestimated my fellow Swifties

This final point may be contentious. However, based on my personal experience on Saturday, I truly regret underestimating the lengths us fans will go to for even a fleeting glimpse of Taylor.

During the show, taller individuals blocked view, I got unintentionally elbowed, and at times, it got frustrating.

Having waited nearly a year to see her live, and with the escalating hype over recent months, I should have anticipated that we'd abandon all decorum once inside the stadium. My friends and I were standing, and to describe our six-hour stint in Murrayfield Stadium as a workout would be an understatement.

I've never had to utilise so many parts of my body simultaneously - I was forced to stand with my legs apart and my feet angled outwards in the two tiny gaps available to me.

I found myself having to lean back slightly as the girl in front of me was just centimetres away from my face. I also had to make a concerted effort not to topple onto the girl sitting directly behind me.

The moment there was a hint of space, when someone left to use the loo or grab a quick drink, everyone instantly pounced on that spot. However, when the person returned, we were all crammed in like sardines with barely any room to dance or use our phones for photos and videos.

There were even some instances where you'd get a better view of the concert through your phone screen than with your own eyes. Also, don't hesitate to ask fellow Swifties to remove their cowboy hats if they're obstructing your view - I had no option but to do so and the girl was very understanding about it.