'You Didn't Think I Would Let You Turn 40 Without Me?': Woman Surprises Best Friend at Toronto Airport

A woman who “LOVES” surprises was in for a big one at Toronto airport, when she walked through the doors and found her best friend waiting to join in on her 40th birthday vacation.

Desiree Latendre-Walters recorded the lovely moment when her best friend Kailea came through arrivals and froze as she spotted her. Latendre-Walters, who was holding a pink sign that read “Have you seen my best friend?”, can be heard saying: “You didn’t think I would let you turn 40 without me?”

Latendre-Walters told Storyful that she and Kailea, who have been best friends for over 18 years, dreamt of a vacation together for years but could never quite time the moment.

“She was certain this year was out of the question as I lost my job in October and had really only recently started my new job,” she said.

Little did Kailea know that her fiance, future mother-in-law, and Latendre-Walters were all actively planning the surprise.

“She gives so much of herself, and fights to be there for so many people, and LOVES surprises more than anyone I know … so to make it come true as a surprise on a milestone birthday… that’s next level joy and happiness,” Latendre-Walters said. Credit: Desiree Latendre-Walters via Storyful