Die-hard Scotland fan set to miss Euro 2024 opener locked in dark German cell

A die-hard Scotland fan is set to miss the opening two matches of Euro 2024 holed up in a dark German cell.

Steve Davie will spend seven days completely alone in total darkness from June 13 as he raises cash for a mental health charity. The 51-year-old, from Port Seton in East Lothian, will be locked in a 10-metre square room with only the bare essentials.

Steve - who travels to watch the Tartan Army both home and away - will miss the clashes against both Germany and Switzerland as he raises funds for Enter Holistic Healing. The mental health charity was set up by himself and five friends who have all "had their own struggles" - and they're now looking to give something back through approaches like sound healing, breath work and meditation.

Steve said: "I have had my own share of darkness in relation to my mental health, and I believe I'll be able to take on this challenge because of the tools I've learned over the last few years to support my own wellbeing, and to overcome many of my demons.

“By entering this seven-day darkness - the longest time I’ve ever spent alone - I hope to raise funds and awareness to support others struggling with their mental health and help reassure them that there is light out there for them too. But I believe all of us have to learn to understand and love our own darkness in order to fully experience the light."

In Steve's room - which is within the Gut Saunstorf Monastery in northern Germany - he'll have a bathroom and shower, a bed, an armchair, wardrobe and meditation cushions. He'll receive two meals a day, along with a supply of fruit and nuts. Steve, along with the others taking part in the challenge, will also have the option to have a short talk each with a retreat counsellor.

He continued: “It will be hard to miss Scotland’s Euro openers but the sacrifice will be worth it if I can make a difference for others through this challenge, and I’ll be out in time for the third group game, hopefully to hear we’ve won the first two!”

Steve has been alcohol-free for 18 months and says he plans to spend the seven days of isolation doing yoga, meditation and contemplating. Over the past four years, he's been taking time off work due to stress and anxiety.

He found practices such as breath work, meditation and journaling have helped him with his struggles. Happily, his self-imposed exile will be lifted in time for Scotland's final group game on Friday, June 23, against Hungary.

The money raised through the challenge will help fund Enter Holistic Healing's first pilot scheme, which would take ten people dealing with stress and anxiety through a holistic health and education course. You can support Steve with his challenge by clicking here.

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