Disability campaigners protest over access at London rail stations

Chloe Chaplain
Access: Campaigners are protesting over disabled access at stations

Disability campaigners have protested at rail stations around London over the lack of access for disabled and older passengers.

Campaign group Transport for All said eight stations across London were "inaccessible", adding that funding for an Access for All scheme had been deferred.

The group called on political parties to restore the funding to make the rail network more accessible.

Chairman Alan Benson said: "The current state of rail access in the UK simply isn't acceptable. All the parties must commit to restoring Access for All funding, and ensure that our railways are open to everyone.

"Disabled and older people can't be expected to defer their lives for another five years while accessibility funding is raided to plug holes elsewhere in the Network Rail budget."

Paula Peters, who will be protesting at Petts Wood station, said: "As a disabled person I am shut out of the vast majority of Britain's railway stations. Having to make 40-minute bus journeys to catch the train when I live next door to a railway station is frustrating and isolating.

"I've fought for years to secure step free funding at Petts Wood station, I was devastated when I heard it could be delayed. We can't wait another five years to travel."