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The Independent

The calamity-strewn speech was named the ‘Carry On Conference’ by The Independent.

'Disaster, farce, shambles!' How the papers reacted to Theresa May's chaotic Conservatives conference speech

Theresa May‘s speech at the Conservative Party Conference yesterday was plagued by disaster after disaster, with a stage invader handing her a P45, a coughing fit leaving her spluttering and unable to speak, and the set behind her falling apart.

The Prime Minister’s performance provides the main talking point for Thursday’s papers, with generally dim assessments dominating the front pages.

The Guardian called the speech a ‘nightmare’, The Times branded it a ‘shambles’, and The Daily Telegraph saw it as a ‘farce’.

Some praise came from the Daily Mail, which celebrated the way ‘the old girl made it to the end’.

The Daily Express also offered a positive take, describing the PM’s fighting spirit in the headline.