Brits facing ‘crisp crisis’ after UK heatwave affects potato crops

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Brits could see a shortage on crisps as the heatwave continues (Rex/posed by model)

The long spell of hot weather that Brits are enjoying this summer may come at a price.

A combination of the current heatwave and the Beast from the East that struck the country earlier this year may result in a shortage of crisps.

According to one expert in the industry, potato crops have taken a hit this year.

The hot weather and the Beast fro the East have apparently played havoc with potato crops (Rex)

Alex Albone, co-founder of Independent crisp makers Pipers Crisps, told the Sunday Times: ‘There is a danger we will have a crisp crisis.’

Potatoes start to die when temperatures go above 25C – which the current heatwave is smashing on a daily basis.

Potato farmer Andrew Francis added: ‘If the heat persists then I can only see shortages in some vegetables, including potatoes.’


Cold weather from the Beast from the East has already caused problems with crops and the hot weather is only adding to the misery.

It’s not just crisps that could be in short supply this summer – beer and fizzy drinks could run out in the UK as demand surges and stocks of carbon dioxide hit record lows.

The balmy weather and the World Cup has seen Brits rush to the supermarket aisles to stock up on beers and cold fizzy drinks.

Alex Albone, co-founder of Pipers Crisps, said there is a danger of a ‘crisps crisis’ (Rex)

Supplies of food-grade CO2 have been shrinking as plants the produce some of the necessary materials closed due to technical issues. The UK has been the worst hit by the shortage, with just one major supplier currently in operation.

Most drinks manufacturers are thought to hold at least two weeks’ worth of stocks, while retailers such as bars and bars generally hold more.

Yahoo News UK has contacted Walkers and KP for comment.