Motatos: New cheap supermarket rivalling Aldi and Lidl is coming to the UK next month

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The Swedish-founded company aim to prevent perfectly good products ending up in landfill (Motatos/The Independent)
The Swedish-founded company aim to prevent perfectly good products ending up in landfill (Motatos/The Independent)

From award-winning affordable gins and luxury beauty dupes, to garden furniture sets and kitchen appliances, Aldi is a go-to for top-quality products at budget prices both online and in-store. But now, it’s got some serious competition on the way.

Launching in just a couple of weeks, a new supermarket from Scandinavia is set to rival both Aldi and Lidl in terms of affordability and better still, it’s got sustainability at its core.

Founded in 2014 in Sweden, the company has since expanded to Denmark, Finland and most recently, Germany. While in Europe it’s known as Matsmart, in the UK it will be called Motatos.

The online grocer’s USP is reduced prices on surplus inventory from wholesalers and distributors, with these products spanning food, beverages, household goods, pets, beauty and more.

For many, this couldn’t have come at a better time. With the unfolding cost of living crisis and grocery prices rising at their fastest rate in eight years, we’re all looking to save where we can on food and other household essentials.

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Here, we’ve got all the details you need to know about the newest discount store on the block – as well as how to get an early bird saving.

What is it?

Motatos’s no-waste policy aims to prevent perfectly good products from ending up in landfill – either because of short best before dates, seasonal changes or changes in packaging. The discount store will allow you to shop more sustainably, without the hefty price tag.

These products could be anything from food and drink to beauty products, pet essentials or household goods.

Following the same template as in Europe, the goods ordered online will be delivered by third-party companies – taking between one to three working days. According to The Grocer, the delivery fees are based upon the number of boxes needed to package the order. Additional fees will be incurred if you require additional boxes, on top of the free ones provided.

When is it launching?

The online-only supermarket is set to launch here in June and has already established partnerships in the UK with distributors including Wholegood and Pricecheck.

How to get an early bird discount

For those looking ahead, you can sign up here with your email address to get an exclusive early bird deal when the discount store officially launches next month.

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