Interlingua: The 'new' language you might be able to speak without even studying it

© TikTok / @orlophe_vauchertres

On TikTok, "Orlophe Vauchertres" is introducing millions of people to interlingua, a so-called “constructed” language that is easy to understand for almost all speakers of Latin-based Romance languages, from Spanish to French to Italian to Romanian to Portuguese. This TikTok star told our team about the “magic’ of this language.

"La lengua que io parla es extremente utile pro me” is a phrase that rings true for Orlophe Vauchertres, a TikTok star who makes videos in the language of interlingua. Most of his 430,000 followers and the millions of people who have watched his videos don’t know how to speak the language and, yet, they can understand it. That’s because Interlingua was created to be understood by people who speak Latin languages, including Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese.

Interlingua was created by linguists back in 1951 using simplified grammar and vocabulary from 'Romance' languages as well as a bit of English. There are thought to be around 2,000 speakers.

For a long time, it’s been a niche language mostly used by researchers and people passionate about linguistics. That is, until Orlophe brought the language to TikTok.

Orlophe, whose real name is Carlos Valcárcel, is a researcher who studies Lantin language, as well as being a teacher of French as a foreign language (FLE) at Vigo University in Galicia. He first started posting videos on TikTok for his students. But to his surprise, his videos were met with resounding success on social media.

"The power of interlingua is how easy it is to understand"

The strength of interlingua is how easy it is to understand, especially the fact that it can be understood without any prior study.

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