Discover Weekly Playlist: Public Image Ltd.


First off, a brief intro into what Discover Weekly is and what its all about. So, I intend to create a weekly playlist of my favourite tracks from a varying featured band each week. This week, I chose P.I.L because recently Johnny Lydon got bottled by a kettle of Chilean fans whilst performing on stage.

I think P.I.L are great, and luckily enough i’ve even had the privilege of seeing them perform at the Tramshed earlier this year, it was a cosmic show full of old skinheads, mods and punks.

PIL came about after Johnny Rotten famously departed from the Sex Pistols, due to McLaren’s cosmopolitan method of running a band. The Sex Pistols were never meant to be a Cosmopolitan band, they were Punk, not New Wave. So after the passing of Sid, the band quickly fell apart, leaving Rotten alone and unemployed.

Personally, I see Public Image Ltd as being Rotten’s unorthodox and slightly strange musical baby. But, Rotten doesn’t shy away from being strange, he very much embraces it. You attract funner people by being strange. Not only is Public Image Ltd slightly crazy, but the lyrics serve as an old battleaxe, aimed directly at corporate camaraderie.

Unlike many bands, PIL’s lyrics address important social issues such as political outrage. The music is a reflection of Lydon’s Sex Pistol suppression and anger, which he has voiced through song. So, here’s my Discover Weekly Playlist. A mashup of loud-mouthed wonders, sure to knock them off their golden pedestals.

Don’t underestimate the age of an old punk rocker. There’s still life in him yet, and he’s literally bloody marvellous.

Be sure to get yourselves down to a PIL gig, it’s well worth it. Because, these guys are most definitely what the world needs now.