Disgraced Fox News host Bill O'Reilly threatens airline worker over delayed flight

Disgraced former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was caught on camera severely losing his temper at a JetBlue Airways staff member, before his delayed flight to Turks and Caicos.

The video was shot at JFK airport, New York City, on April 3, 2022, at 9.24.AM.

The conservative commentator, 72, had his mask pulled down during the altercation, in breach of Federal regulations for airports at that time.

All other people in the video, including the airport employee, are wearing their masks correctly.

He can be heard saying: "What you gonna do...it's three hours late."

And: "No, no, no, You're gonna find out," while pointing his finger in a combative manner.

When the employee says something inaudible, O'Reilly responds: "Don't talk to me like that."

The airline worker responds: "You're threatening me with violence, man."

"No I'm not," replies O'Reilly.

Asserting: "You're gonna lose your job."

He then demands, "you're going to get that information," before storming off.

O'Reilly, who started the No Spin News, podcast after he was axed from Fox, then storms off to his seat.

A bystander, who shot the video, said: “I was so taken aback, I couldn’t believe how arrogant he was.

“That poor JetBlue guy just works there, it’s not his fault the flight was delayed, he’s just trying to do his job.

"He's not the pilot, or in control of the weather."

O'Reilly told DailyMail.com in a statement that the flight was eventually delayed by five hours.

In that statement, he said it was the airport worker who was arrogant, not him, and he admitted the discussion was "heated."

O'Reilly was Fox News' biggest star before a series of lawsuits were made public by the New York Times and other media outlets.

The New York Times reported that the network had settled five lawsuits with women who had accused him of sexual misconduct.

Two of the suits were for sexual harassment - costing the company around $13 million.

His four-year, $100 million contract, was terminated within three months after the scandals broke.

O'Reilly paid out $32 million to legal analyst Lis Wiehl in January 2017 just weeks before signing the mega-deal with the network.

Wiehl claimed he regularly sexually harassed her and had sent her explicit gay pornography.

O'Reilly said he had received the porn from a troll and had forwarded it as she was one of his lawyers.

Fox's parent company, 21st Century Fox, admitted that it knew of Wiehl's claims when it renewed his contract, but said that it added provisions specifically aimed at harassment, saying O'Reilly could be fired if any more cases were revealed.

Within three months he no longer worked there.

JetBlue spokesman Derek Dombrowski told DailyMail.com that he could not comment on the altercation until he had seen the video.