Disgusting reason Kimberley man was hit with huge fine by environmental health

A man who kept three large dogs in a rented property without a garden and left their faeces and urine to build up causing a 'severe odour' has been hit with a huge fine. Ashley Hargreaves, formerly of Alma Hill, Kimberley pleaded guilty at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court to multiple breaches of a Community Protection Notice on May 24.

Residents living around the property had reported him to Broxtowe Borough Council's environmental health department over the smell, saying his behaviour was having a serious impact on their lives. Council officers warned the 28-year-old what would happen if he did not sort things out, but he ignored them.

Mr Hargreaves was ordered to pay £3,888 within 28 days, made up of a fine, victim surcharge and costs. Broxtowe Borough Council also wanted to enforce a Criminal Behaviour Order which would stop him from keeping dogs at the address, but this wasn'tneeded as he has since left the property.

Chief environmental health officer, Suzanne Hickey said: “The court has issued a fine which reflects the harm suffered by members of our community. This behaviour carried on for a long period of time and could so easily have been avoided.”

“Besides owing a duty of care to his dogs, Mr Hargreaves also showed a basic lack of respect for others. We will not tolerate those having a negative impact on the health and well-being of residents, businesses, and visitors. The council takes anti-social behaviour in its many forms seriously and strives to protect residents as best we can given the powers available.”