Disinfection Now Routine in Parts of South Korea as Coronavirus Cases Increase

Spraying disinfectant became routine for some businesses in South Korea as an additional 334 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the country on February 27.

Businesses across South Korea such as gymnasiums and cafes took to social media to show their disinfection work.

A team from one beauty salon in Korea’s fourth-largest city of Daegu posted a video of their disinfection efforts to Instagram, saying the cleaning was carried out because of the virus.

Around 1,600 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed by the Korean Centre for Disease Control, a rise of 334 since the previous day. The global death toll from the flu-like virus is reported to be over 2,700.

The majority of coronavirus cases in Korea are in the city of Daegu, with many of the cases believed to be connected to the Shincheonji Church. Credit: shshwin via Storyful