'I disinvited sister from my wedding after cruel prank – it horrified me'

A bride has put her foot down after being unable to trust her sister - and says she cannot attend her wedding day (stock image)
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We all know that weddings can cause family disagreements.

Squabbles can arise when it comes to who to invite, which bridesmaids are picked and where to sit people on the seating plan. But you don't expect sisters to be the ones to fall out.

That's exactly what happened to one pair of siblings, though. After a woman pulled a "cruel" prank before her sister's wedding, all hell broke loose.

The anonymous bride took to Reddit to complain that her 25-year-old sister has "always been a bit of a prankster". While the jokes are often "harmless", it looks like she's crossed the line this time.

Apparently, the scheming sister sent out fake wedding invites to the bridal party. The invitations said the big day would be "a casual backyard BBQ and everyone should bring a dish to share".

Unsurprisingly, the fake invitations led to "a lot of confusion and stress" for all involved. And as a result, she's decided to ban her own sister from her big day.

She said: "She took it too far. She decided it would be funny to send out fake wedding invitations to a bunch of our relatives and some of my friends. I found out about this when one of my aunts called me to ask what she should bring to the BBQ. I was confused at first, but then she forwarded me the invitation she received. I was horrified."

The bride claims when she confronted her sister she "laughed it off" adding that it was "just a joke" and she was reportedly planning on sending out the real invitations "soon".

Standing firm, the bride added: "After thinking it over, I decided that I don't want her at my wedding. I don't trust her not to pull another stunt, and I don't want to spend my wedding day worrying about what she might do."

The sister reportedly "flipped out" and told the bride she was "overreacting". But commenters on Reddit seem to think the bride is in the right.

One responded: "Genuinely cannot see how that's funny. It smacks of a jealous, insecure little girl who wants to ruin your day." Another agreed: "Sister has shown no remorse, has not done anything to undo her harm – such as actually telephone every single person she sent an invite out to and explain that it was a 'prank'."

And a third added: "Oh my gosh! Yeah she went a bit too far. It's your wedding. Everyone knows you don't mess with certain things and a wedding is one of them."

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