Disney fan transforms herself into characters using make up skills

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A Disney fan transforms herself into a whole cast of cartoon characters using her incredible make up skills - and each look takes up to FIVE hours to complete.

Nicki Teal, 34, spends between two and three hours painstakingly turning herself into the likes of Buzz Lightyear and Captain Hook using paint and homemade costumes.

She has really perfectly her skills while stuck at home, and over the last 12 months has turned herself into Cruella De Vil, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Maleficent.

The make up artist has even transformed into different animals and creatures, like  Donkey and Puss in Boots from Shrek and a stunningly detailed creature from Avatar.

More intricate characters, like Princess Fiona from Shrek, took her a painstaking FIVE hours to complete.

Nicki, who lives in Scunthorpe, Lincs., with her husband Rob, 35, said: "I've not been allowed to work for the best part of a year now.

"I'm still getting people rearranging their weddings now, it's been a bit of a nightmare!

"I don't really know what happened in my brain, to be honest. One day I just decided to try and turn myself into some Disney villains and it just went crazy from there.

"My first character that I did was the evil Queen from Snow White. 

"I'm a massive Disney fan anyway so I just thought I'd mess around and try to turn myself into her.

"I did loads of Disney villains and then started trying to do the male ones and ended up being better at turning myself into the male ones, which was a bit weird!

"I've been making costumes with stuff around the house as well. For Jafar [from Aladdin], I made his hat out of paper and recycled an old dress for the fabric as well.

"I've been stealing my husband Rob's clothes as well and folding them around things to make it look like hats and proper costumes, so it's not cost me much money!

"I've been sharing stuff on social media and I've had people messaging me videos of their kids watching my videos and laughing at them, which has been so lovely.

"I've done about 85 characters now. I hadn't really done any character make up on myself before the lockdown so it's been really fun."