Disney releases first new Mulan trailer - but there's no Mushu

Disney has released its first trailer for the live-action remake of epic warrior film Mulan, featuring an all-Asian cast.

Starring Liu Yifei as the titular hero, Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee and Jet Li are also among the cast members reworking the 1998 cartoon, which tells the story of a young woman masquerading as a man to fight invaders attacking China.

The teaser shows snapshots of Mulan's journey to becoming China's greatest warrior in place of her ailing father, and while it looks like she will be showing off some pretty impressive combat moves, fans do have some concerns about a few things that appear to be missing.

First of all, there's no Mushu in the trailer. Voiced by Eddie Murphy, the comedic dragon was a favourite character from the original animation, but it appears he will be absent from the remake.

If rumours are to be believed, the character may be replaced by a phoenix, although there is no official confirmation on this.

There's also no Cri-Kee. And apparently, no love interest or sing-alongs either - bad news for fans of I'll Make A Man Out Of You.

Fans of the original have been quick to air their views. Some are unhappy to see the changes to their childhood favourite, others are excited to see the new more serious direction.

The new trailer comes after details of the live-action version of The Little Mermaid were released last week, with singer Halle Bailey confirmed to play Ariel .

The casting was praised on social media, with many people discussing the significance of a black woman taking on the part.

The new Mulan will be released in cinemas in 2020.