Disney star Christy Carlson Romano felt ‘exploited, marked, horrible’ after filming first nude scene

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Disney star Christy Carlson Romano felt ‘exploited, marked, horrible’ after filming first nude scene

The former Disney star Christy Carlson Romano has admitted to feeling “exploited and marked and horrible” after filming her first nude scene.

Romano, who rose to fame alongside Shia LaBeouf on the Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens, recalled her experiences in a YouTube video about how she “blew” all of her Disney money.

After revealing that she had burned through millions of dollars on expensive clothing and a psychic, Romano said that she ended up taking roles in films she “didn’t want to do”.

One such film role included a nude scene, with Romano admitting that she “never thought in a million years that [she] would ever do something like this”.

“I was America’s sweetheart, morally sound in my mind,” she said. “I believed in the Disney magic, I still do. And then I felt so exploited and marked and horrible. Obviously, I’m OK now. I promise you I’m OK. I have made peace with this. But there are some realities that come to play.”

She continued: “The truth is that I did this movie for the money, because I was desperate to feel that feeling that I had when I was making tons of money and everything was OK.”

While Romano did not name the movie in question, she appeared in a number of low-budget horror movies in the wake of her Disney fame, including Infected, Blood Circus and Mirrors 2 – the latter of which she appears nude.

Earlier this month, Romano revealed that she once envied LaBeouf’s success as a movie star in the wake of Even Stevens.

“I kind of felt a little jilted by the whole situation,” she said. “Here he is, making a big old splash in Hollywood. And here I am. I chose to go to college.”

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