Disneyland Is Politely Trying To Crack Down On An Annoying Trend, And It's About Time

 Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland.
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland.

Disney Parks are an incredibly popular place to go, but unfortunately, not all of us can visit them whenever we wish. For those of us who might need a quick infusion of pixie dust to feel like we’re in the parks, livestreaming from Disneyland and Walt Disney World has become a popular pastime and even a potential business for some on YouTube and other platforms. However, it looks like the happiest place on Earth may be trying to crack down on the process, though at least they’re being nice about it.

A Disneyland fan recently posted on the r/Disneyland subreddit, that after doing a live stream from the World Famous Jungle Cruise, they were quietly presented with a note that asked them to please stop streaming from the attraction, in the most Jungle Cruise way possible.

While this seems to be a unique situation, we’re not hearing about widespread reactions to livestreamers this way. It certainly looks like Disneyland is taking steps to deal with the practice, which most of the time isn’t an issue, but it can be incredibly annoying when it’s done in a way that bothers everybody else.

Many of the best Disneyland attractions put parties in their own ride vehicles, and they are full of music and dialogue of their own, so a livestreamer wouldn’t be too distracting for other riders. Something like the Jungle Cruise is a bit different since a group of guests ride together, and the narration and Skipper's bad jokes are the main focal point. Although the OP says they weren’t speaking while streaming, so it’s unclear what caused this reaction.

Whatever happened, I don’t hate it. Livestreaming has become incredibly popular in theme parks. Theme Park YouTube is an industry in itself, and many make their living presenting content inside the parks. Most of the time it’s no big deal, but it can be incredibly frustrating when your own park experience is upset by somebody who is narrating the experience in your ear or getting in the way of your view of a parade to get the “perfect shot.” It's also resulted in people getting banned from Disney World, as one TikTok star was trespassed after posting videos in the park in places he should not have been.

Disney World recently cracked down on third-party tour guides, banning many of them from the parks because Disney Parks’ rules prevent guests from making money inside the parks. There’s an argument to be made that many livestreamers are doing the same thing. The videos they are producing are being monetized, and for many of the most successful, this has become their actual job.

There’s an argument that many of the livestreamers promote Disney Parks with their content, and that may be true to a degree. But if it causes a problem for the guests who have already paid money, it’s probably not worth it. We'll be keeping an eye on this to see if it continues.