Disneyland's Club 33 Is Getting Its Own Movie And Now Even Hollywood Is Mocking Me For Not Being Able To Get In

 Club 33 outdoor sign.
Club 33 outdoor sign.

As the resident theme park reporter here at CinemaBlend I’ve been lucky enough to visit Disneyland more than a few times. As such, there is little that I haven’t done in the iconic theme park, but one thing on my bucket list is visiting Club 33. The exclusive club is off-limits unless you pay an expensive membership fee or get invited in, but it looks like everybody who can afford a movie ticket may get a taste of the spot, as a Club 33 movie is in development.

THR reports that Darren Lempke, the writer behind films including Shazam! and the recent Kung Fu Panda 4, is currently working on the script for a movie based on, and in, Disneyland’s Club 33. The story will focus on Kim, a young aspiring detective who is invited to Club 33. This version of the club will exist outside of time and will be made up of members who are among the greatest people from throughout history.  Shortly after Kim arrives, a murder is committed, and solving the crime falls on her.

The film is being produced by Shawn Levy, and there’s a definite Night at the Museum vibe to the Club 33 movie premise. That’s not a bad thing, as this setup could be quite a fun family movie that will be far more accessible than the actual location.

What Is Club 33?

A Club 33 movie is certainly a surprising choice all things considered. When Disney turns rides into movies, the plan isn’t just to make money at the box office off a popular attraction, but also to entice people into Disney Parks to experience that attraction. A Club 33 film could make money at the box office, but visiting Club 33 isn’t an option for most of us. Even among those who can afford the cost of entry, it’s said the waitlist for Club 33 membership is years long.

The history of Club 33 is quite unique. It was first installed in New Orleans Square at Disneyland in 1967. When General Electric agreed to sponsor the Carousel of Progress when the New York World’s Fair attraction was moved to Disneyland, it wanted the lounge that had been at the attraction to go with it.

This was a slight issue, as Disneyland didn’t serve alcohol. Walt compromised by building the club, but limiting access to VIPs. For decades, Club 33 was the only place inside the grounds of Disneyland Park that served alcohol. In recent years Disneyland has expanded alcohol sales to all table service restaurants.

Disney Is Doubling Down On It’s Theme Park Movies

Club 33 is the latest in an ongoing effort from Disney in trying to find new ways to leverage the theme parks into film success. While the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been incredibly successful, other efforts to turn theme park rides into movies haven’t generated the same box office return.

Still, Disney isn’t slowing down on trying to turn its theme parks into films. We know there are a few upcoming movies based on Disney Rides. There are plans for a Space Mountain movie, as well as a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad movie from Margot Robbie’s production company. A new Pirates of the Caribbean film has also been in development for years.

It will be a little bittersweet going to a movie theater to see a movie set at Club 33, a place I want to go, but can't. But it may be the closest I’ll ever get.