Disney's New Cruise Ship Has A $100K Room And Somebody Already Booked It

 Disney Treasure stern image
Disney Treasure stern image

Disney vacations, whether at theme parks or cruise ships, are usually a bit more expensive than the competition. If you’re a Disney fan, then this is something that you just have to accept. But sometimes even the price of Disney gets astronomical, just ask the people who visited the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. This is not to say that there always going to be people willing to pay the price. As in the case of the Disney Treasure, Disney’s newest cruise ship doesn’t sail for more than a year. But somebody just spent $100,000 on the most expensive room on the ship.

Reservations for the first voyages of the Disney Treasure were made available today, specifically for members of the Pearl Castaway Club, the highest level of Disney Cruise Line veterans. Other members of the Castaway Club, and then the general public, will be given access to make reservations in the coming days. But anybody looking to book the Tower Suite for the Maiden Voyage is already out of luck, even if they were willing to spend the money it would take to get it. Shortly after the DCL Blog pointed out what the room cost, it got booked.

The Tower Suite of the Disney Treasure is located inside one of the ship funnels, and there’s only one of them on the ship, making it the most exclusive location on the ship. It’s capable of sleeping eight and is done in a special Epcot theme, which will likely make serious Disney fans absolutely fall in love.

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Certainly, nobody expects the two-story suite that sleeps eight to be inexpensive. This is the cruise line with a $5,000 Star Wars cocktail, after all, but the price tag on this one is pretty extreme, even by Disney Cruise Line standards. At the same time, at least some of the premium prices can be explained. This is the Maiden Voyage we’re talking about, and prices for that are higher than the standard Disney Treasure trips. Prices for standard cabins are more than double the cost for the Maiden Voyage compared to other sailings. In addition, this particular Maiden Voyage is taking place over Christmas in 2024, a popular time for cruises. And those are almost always more expensive.

It should also be pointed out that the Disney Treasure is currently scheduled to only take seven-night trips, as opposed to the three or four-night trips that the Disney Wish goes on. So it’s really only $14,000 a night. Having said that, it seems a safe bet that a lot of people booking right now have sailed on the Disney Wish, and a lot of what the Treasure has to offer is similar, if not identical, to what's on board the Wish.

I mean, it’s not that I don’t think this trip is worth $100,000 it’s just that I don’t have that sort of money to spend. Although to be fair, if I did have that amount of money to spend on a Disney vacation, I could blow it on a trip around the world to every Disney Park, which feels like a better return on investment. Still, from everything the Disney Treasure has revealed, it’s probably one hell of a vacation.