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Russell Brand: In Plain Sight is the much-rumoured investigation into the English comedian turned wellness and lifestyle guru that outlines claims of rape and sexual abuse made against him at the peak of his fame.

Rumours circulated for several days that it may have explosive revelations in it, but these were unconfirmed. It is the result of a joint investigation by Dispatches, The Times and Sunday Times into Brand, which has seen him accused of rape and sexual abuse by former partners.

What time is Dispatches on?

The special edition of Dispatches first screened on Channel Four on Saturday, 16 September at 9pm. It is 90 minutes long, and will be repeated on the same channel at 10.50pm on Sunday. It is called Russell Brand: In Plain Sight.

Who is featured in Dispatches?

Nobody had been confirmed as featuring but overnight Russell Brand released a video connected to it, denying any criminality. Just before 4pm on Saturday, though, Dispatches and the Times revealed that he was the subject of the documentary - and revealed some of the accusations. Channel Four and The Times say that they have spoken to 'hundreds' of people over the last few years to corroborate the allegations made by four of Brand's former partners. Among the claims are that he groomed a 16-year-old and raped other women. The Times story can be read here.

What has Russell Brand said?

Russell Brand released a video on Friday night/Saturday morning - which you can watch here - denying allegations that were made to him by 'a newspaper and a television company'. He did not outline the allegations, but suggested they were to do with sexual misconduct as said he had been promiscuous in his younger days but had never engaged in anything "non-consensual'

How can I watch Dispatches?

If you miss the repeated showing on Sunday night, Russell Brand: In Plain Sight is on All4 and will be for 29 more days.

What is Dispatches about?

Dispatches is Channel Four's regular investigative documentary series, and has been on Channel 4 since 1987. The channel says it "covers issues ranging from politics, health and religion to international current affairs and the environment."

When was Dispatches first screened and what has it covered?

The first episode was on October 30, 1987, and featured a report on the black market in weapons grade uranium operated from Khartoum.

Other investigations have included a report in 1989 on the widespread use of anabolic steroids in horse racing, an undercover investigation in 1999 into Britain's sex slave trade, and an examination in 2009 of the terrorist attack that year on Mumbai.