Distressed dolphin rescued after getting stuck in river in the Philippines

A distressed dolphin was rescued after it was found stuck in a river in the Philippines. The disorientated marine creature was believed to be separated from its family and swam into a shallow river as it searched for a safe spot among mangroves during a storm in Santa Rita, Samar province on July 7. The confused animal had been circling in the water near their homes for two days while trying to find a way back to the sea before calling the wildlife authorities for help last Friday, July 9. The dolphin was ushered into a makeshift stretcher with the help of seven men before it was carried into a Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources’ boat to be taken into the sea. Resident Carlo Bernal Capacite said: ‘The dolphin was spotted here for two days before the authorities arrived to take it to the sea. It also rained hard here during those days so maybe it was trying to shelter from the storm.’ The creature was unharmed and without any injuries after being given a health check by veterinarians so the officers took the animal to the sea for release. A spokesman from the local wildlife department said: ‘The dolphin is safe. We believe it was lost in the river when it tried to chase a fish and was separated from its group. ‘It was high tide during that time so it might have thought it was still swimming in the sea when it was already in the river.’

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