Disturbing images show drug users slumped in bus station and town centre

Jonathan Mitchell
Slumped: This scene in Wrexham was shared on Facebook: Gavin Rodda

These are the disturbing pictures taken at a bus shelter in broad daylight showing people slumped on the floor after apparently taking hard drugs.

The photographs, taken at Wrexham’s bus station in North Wales, show dirty needles discarded on the station’s floor and empty methodone bottles left in the toilets.

People can also be seen lying seemingly unconscious at the bus station, with one person slumped in a nearby flowerbed.

One cleaner allegedly cut their hand on a makeshift blade fashioned out of a pen when tasked with cleaning the mess left behind by drug addicts.

More than 20 pictures were taken over a series of months by bus driver Gavin Rodda, who posted them on Facebook in a bid to highlight the town’s perceived drug problem.

A man slumps in Wrexham bus station (Gavin Rodda)

He said: “For a lot people, myself included, Wrexham Bus Station is our workplace and we feel that it is no longer safe to work in, even with the attempts that have been made to control the drug problems.

“We work in a place knowing that there are people walking around carrying syringes on them which could be used as a weapon at any given moment.

“I personally feel that if a person is not using a bus service or a shop inside the bus station then they shouldn't be allowed inside there.”

A man was pictured sprawled on the floor of a bus station (Gavin Rodda )

Mr Rodda said that remnants of heroin were also found in the station and that all the hard drug-taking equipment was “within reach for a child”.

A man who it was claimed was a drug user in the town (Gavin Rodda)

In the lengthy online post, he added: “Elderly passengers who use the bus station are increasingly saying that they no longer feel safe in there and they are intimidated by the groups of addicts who ask them for money.

“Even with two security guards now present in the bus station, it is not enough to deter the addicts and their behaviour.”

The pictures, which have gone viral since being posted online on Saturday, have prompted residents in the area to call for more action to be taken by authorities.

Wrexham Council, which runs the station, has reportedly set up a task force to tackle the town’s drug problem.