'Diva' Donkeys Gather Round Mirror at Ohio Sanctuary

A group of donkeys at an Ohio sanctuary couldn’t stop looking at themselves in a barn wall mirror, with one of the sanctuary owners joking that the group was displaying “diva” behavior in footage shared to Instagram on January 11.

Dawn and Dean Fagan run their own donkey sanctuary in Marengo, Ohio, on a 67-acre farm they call Jackass Junction.

Speaking to Storyful, Dawn Fagan said the animals’ intrigued reaction to the mirror forced her to remove it. “We had to take the mirror down because it was up for hours and they wouldn’t leave,” she said, adding that they were “pushing each other” while in front of it.

The husband and wife first rescued a donkey called Mister Donker Donks, and now use the name as inspiration for the sanctuary’s Instagram account.

The couple care for several mini-donkeys, sharing updates on the animals alongside viral videos of them via Instagram, TikTok and other social media accounts. Credit: @mrdonkers via Storyful

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