Diver finds and retrieves handgun from bottom of lake in Canada

A diver in Canada managed to find and retrieve a handgun from a lake in British Columbia. Clayton Helkenberg filmed as he explored the mirky depths of Chilliwack Lake on April 12. The diver managed to retrieve a handgun and a box of ammo from the lake's surface. He then passed his findings over to the local police. Helkenberg said: "I dive around all the local lakes and pick up trash found to try and clean up the lake. On this day I pulled up a plastic bag and inside was a box of ammo and a .22 handgun. "It was my first real gun find and I was excited to cross it off my list of cool found items. Because of the dive location, there was no cell service and I had to drive back into town. "I called the police station when I could and brought it there. An officer came out and took it for investigation."