Divers Blown Away as 'Bullet Train' Fin Whales Join Orcas in Norway

Divers off the coast of Norway who were swimming with orcas were pleasantly surprised when two huge fin whales appeared alongside them under the waves, with footage of the incredible experience shared to YouTube on January 18.

Simon Lorenz told Storyful that while running a group trip for his company, Insider Divers, in waters off Skjervoy, Norway, a number of the orcas began to hunt “an immense bait ball” of herring nearby.

“Then something truly unique happened,” Lorenz said, as a pair of fin whales “shot through” the bait ball and swam “right next” to Lorenz and his guests. Lorenz said the bigger whales were like “giant white bullet trains”.

“Two guests came face to face with a fin whale,” he said, adding that the force of the giants bursting through the water “pushed them out of the way”.

Fin whales are the second-largest whale species, growing to a length of 85 feet, and weighing up to 80s tons. According to they are capable of swimming “up to 23 miles per hour”. Credit: Insider Divers via Storyful

Video transcript


- Right here.

- Yeah. Right here.


- Over here.


- Whoa.


- OK.

- How is she?

- I just saw a humpback, did I?