The divine right of poorly future kings

Photograph: Hugo Burnand/PA

Images of London underground carriages crowded with people going to work (London underground packed as services cut to curb Covid-19 spread – video, 24 March) prompt me to wonder why the government has not proposed, or imposed, staggered working hours. If these were spread from 7am to 10pm instead of the current, relatively packed working day of 8-5pm, it would very much spread out the demand for space on tube trains.
Michael Black

• I’m sorry to hear that Prince Charles has tested positive for the coronavirus (Queen holds audience with PM by phone while Prince of Wales self-isolates with Covid-19, 25 March), but how come the rich and privileged can be tested while vital health workers cannot, and instead have to waste precious working time to self-isolate?
Marie Paterson
Nuneaton, Warwickshire

• Since the marmalade saga is coming to a sticky end (Letters, 17 March), would it not be appropriate to our current tribulations for your letter writers to advise us on the challenges of pickles and jams?
Dr Anthony Isaacs

• Perhaps the prime minister’s rallying cry should be “We fight them with the bleaches” (Johnson’s ‘fight them on the beaches’ moment: true grit, or more shifting sands?, 24 March).
Muriel Cronin