DJ launches Ministry of Sound event for twin in Covid coma

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Twin brothers Steve (L) and Bobby Laviniere (Bobby Laviniere )
Twin brothers Steve (L) and Bobby Laviniere (Bobby Laviniere )

A London DJ will hold a fundraiser at the Ministry of Sound for his twin brother who was trapped in a Covid coma at the start of the pandemic.

Twin DJs Bobby and Steve Laviniere, 57, have travelled the world doing what they love most and enjoyed life at one another’s side.

The pair, best known as pioneers of soulful house with their KISS FM slot, were both placed into a coma after catching Covid in March 2020.

Bobby, of Redbridge, east London, was brought round by doctors after seven days and returned to health.

However, his twin brother Steve was sedated for almost one month and emerged with an extremely rare brain condition which has left him unable to move or communicate.

The family, from Forest Gate, remain confident Steve will eventually return to health and said the best medicine is love.

Their next goal is to adapt their house for Steve to be able to move home when he is ready.

Bobby has plans to hold a fundraiser at the Ministry of Sound on October 3 titled “Dance for Stevie” which aims to raise funds for his beloved brother’s journey back to health.

Steve and wife Julie (front) on stage with Bobby and wife Sylma (behind) (Bobby Laviniere)
Steve and wife Julie (front) on stage with Bobby and wife Sylma (behind) (Bobby Laviniere)

Headliners include David Morales, Simon Dunmore, Trevor Nelson, Rocco and Norman Jay.

“We are closer than close and we are two of the same. That is why I know it is going to work out for Steve,” he said.

“When I came out of my coma, I had this overwhelming feeling of love come over me. I was crying like a baby, I was so overwhelmed.

“Miracles happen every day and we know that the love we have is the best medicine for Stevie.”

Bobby and Steve first began to feel breathless after returning from a gig in Madrid, Spain, last March.

But with limited NHS advice in the early pandemic, it was not until Bobby's temperature reached 39 degrees for the third consecutive day when he went to hospital and sedated.

Steve and Bobby have been close since birth (Bobby Laviniere)
Steve and Bobby have been close since birth (Bobby Laviniere)

Two days after he was brought round, Steve followed into a coma for 24 days.

Scans showed the virus had gone into his nervous system and he was diagnosed with acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis.

Since being brought out of his coma, the DJ has been unresponsive and unable to move with the exception of opening his eyes but relatives believe he can still hear them.

“We believe he can hear us,” said Bobby.

“Having that twin connection and being with him, we have seen the difference.

“I might play a record, one of his favourite tunes, and you see a glow in Steve. I feel a vibration when I am there with him.”

In his first week of intensive care, Steve’s organs failed and he received two rounds of CPR.

Fed via a stomach peg, his medication has reduced. He continues his recovery at a neurological care home in Guilford, Surrey, with his family videoing in every day.

"They call it being trapped in your body and they say there is no cure,” Bobby added.

“It is just a question of time but we are very confident he will pull through.”

Earlier this year, Steve became well enough for a three-hour home visit.

“He was so relaxed, it was unbelievable. It was just such an overwhelming joy to see him at home,” Bobby said.

“At one point, my mum said ‘oh my God Steve is looking at me’. She was so excited, he managed to turn his head straight towards her.”

Steve’s wife and family remain positive his progress will continue.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise the £80,000 needed to facilitate Steve’s care and rehabilitation.

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