Dnipro officials to appeal to Turkey over neglected metro construction

Sketch of the entrance to the subway in Dnipro
Sketch of the entrance to the subway in Dnipro

The Dnipro City Council is preparing an appeal to the Turkish Embassy regarding Limak, the Turkish construction company that had abandoned its obligation to expand Dnipro’s subway system, city mayor Boris Filatov said on Jan. 29.

He explained that Limak withdrew all its personnel, equipment, and documentation in the initial days of Russia's full-scale invasion and disappeared from the construction sites.

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Furthermore, Polish company ILF, which provided technical supervision of the metro construction, documented these contract violations, and assessed the work was not completed.

According to Filatov, Limak had responsibilities under its contract with the city and the European banks that underwritten the construction project.

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Dnipro authorities have long informed the Ukrainian government and officials in Kyiv of the situation, Filatov added.

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In conclusion, the mayor said the city is currently forced to look for other options to continue work on the unfinished tunnels.

Metro construction in Dnipro began in 1982. The city currently has six operational stations out of nine planned.

Limak won the contract to continue the construction of the metro in April 2013.

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