Do These Photos Prove That Gilmore Girls Is Returning?

Hold onto your hats, guys, because we have even more evidence that Gilmore Girls is set to return to our screens.

We genuinely don’t think that we can contain ourselves.

Back in October it was hotly-rumoured that everybody’s favourite mother-daughter sitcom was sit to return to the small screen thanks to Netflix ordering new episodes of the hit series.

Understandably, the fans went crazy.

Whilst nobody confirmed the rumours, actress Lauren Graham further fueled them by retweeting the story and adding that she couldn’t say that the revival was happening, but she also could not deny.

What. A. Tease.

Now, one fan, Clara, who went on a tour of Warner Brothers Studios has sent viewers into a frenzy by tweeting photos of the Gilmore Girls set and props that seem to confirm that a reboot is coming.

Sharing a photo of Miss. Patty’s studio, the fan wrote: “fresh coat of paint on miss patty’s dance studio you guys!!!!!”

She also posted snapshots of Gilmore Girls props marked with a ‘hold’ sticker for collection later this month.

Clara wrote: “p.s. familiar sightings in the props department/around the lot/painting kim’s antiques. #thisisnotadrill”.

Although neither Netflix or Warner Brothers have commented on the photos, we think that it looks pretty likely that Rory and Lorelai will be back on our screens before we know it.

And we can’t bloomin’ wait.