Doctor Who fans fume over big change in BBC show as some say it was 'tortuous'

Jonathan Groff stars in the latest episode of Doctor who playing then character Rogue
-Credit: (Image: James Pardon/Bad Wolf/BBC Studios)

Doctor Who enthusiasts were left fuming after the sixth episode transported the beloved Time Lord and companion Ruby to the year 1813.

Sporting period costumes, the duo's attire was strikingly similar to that of Bridgerton characters, complete with nods to the period drama. The wardrobe choice seemed to distract a slew of fans from the central storyline.

Venting on social media, one viewer commented: "And this is why I don't watch Bridgerton or read any Jane Eyre or Bronte stuff. Can't stand tortuous corsetted c**p! #doctorwho."

Another chimed in: "Have we gone back to bridgerton, is this still doctor who? #DoctorWho."

A third added their voice to the conversation: "I've never watched Bridgerton so I'm afraid all the numerous name checks and allusions are a bit lost on me.", reports the Mirror.

And a fourth shared: "I'm really liking the new series but I kinda miss the dark intense episodes like twelve's widower arc or ten's crisis. hope we get to see more of that in the next series."

In contrast, a large number of viewers believed it to be one of the best episodes yet. One enthusiast expressed: "Absolutely loved today's #DoctorWho episode. Ncuti Gatwa was born to play the Doctor. Jonathan Groff... well. I would have said yes on the spot. Brilliant writing by Kate Herron and Briony Redman. More of this please."

Another fan commented: "Best Doctor Who episode ever! " A third agreed: "This weeks #DoctorWho might've been the best of the whole series. We need more Kate Herron writing for Doctor Who please."

A fourth viewer added: "Rogue is hands down my favourite episode of the series so far. It was every inch the period romp I expected it to be, and it's the first episode of the show since End Of Time to make me shed a tear."

The show recently made waves after showcasing a same-sex kiss between Ncuti Gatwa and Jonathan Groff, much to fans' delight.

In the sixth episode, Doctor Who travels back to 1813 with sidekick Ruby, portrayed by Millie Gibson. During a ball in Bath, they encounter a bounty hunter named Rogue, played by Jonathan, while trying to track down the Chuldurs who are killing guests.

Both the Doctor and Rogue point fingers at each other after realising neither belong to that era or planet.

After settling their differences, the pair teamed up to locate the Chuldur, and it's during this time that they begin to flirt and surprise guests with same-sex ballroom dancing. The plot sees Rogue proposing to the Doctor, stating: "Tell me what your heart wants, or I shall turn my back on you forever."

Shortly after, they discover they were hunting not just one killer but a family of Chuldurs - a realisation that comes too late for Ruby.

The final scene shows the Doctor in tears, grappling with the idea of sacrificing Ruby to save the world. Ultimately, Rogue intervenes to rescue Ruby, but not before sharing a kiss with the Doctor, marking a historic moment for the legendary TV series.

As soon as the episode concluded, fans took to social media to share their reactions. One viewer wrote on X: "Rogue, the subject of the episode's title, delivers an electrifying chemistry as Jonathan Groff and Ncuti Gatwa bounce off each other with flawless alignment, a fine-tuned, choreographed battle of wits, charm and sexual tension."

Another added: "Ok I'm going to need Rogue to return bc I really need to see more of him and the doctor their chemistry is fire and their connection undeniable."