Doctor removes 15cm long leech that lived for a month in 5-year-old boy's nose in Vietnam

Video captured the moment a doctor removed a 15cm long leech that lived for a month in a five-year-old boy's nose in Nghe An, Vietnam. According to the doctor, the boy's father took him to the hospital with a swollen and bleeding nose. The doctor then used an endoscope to examine the boy's nasal canal and was surprised to see a large leech clinging to the nasal tube, causing the boy's nose to swell and bleed. The doctor quickly used forceps to remove the leech, which was around 15cm long, from the boy's nose. The boy said that one month ago, he went to the forest to pick fruit and drink spring water. This may have been the cause of the leech getting into the boy's nose. The doctor advised the boy's family not to use unboiled water sources, including spring water, because organisms living in spring water can be transferred to the body. The video was filmed with the patient's permission.

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