Doctor removes giant living cockroach lodged in woman's ear in Vietnam

A doctor removed a giant cockroach that was lodged in a Vietnamese woman's ear. The video was filmed in the city of Can Tho on September 7. The woman reportedly went to the clinic as she felt a pain in her ear as if an animal was attacking it and she couldn't hear anything. The doctor quickly checked the woman's ear and saw a giant cockroach trying to get into the woman's ear canal. The doctor then tried to use forceps to take the cockroach out but it escaped from the clamp. So he used salt water to numb the cockroach. The woman said she suddenly felt the pain in her ear and woke up when she was sleeping. She thought it might be an ant that got into her ear. But she never thought of a cockroach. Luckily, her ear was only slightly scratched. The video was filmed and shared with the patient's permission.

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