Doctor reveals the risks of using phones on the toilet (and three-quarters of us do it)

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Be honest now, do you ever sneak a quick look at your smartphone when you’re sitting down on the toilet?

A lot of us do – a Sony study found that 75% of Americans check their phones on the toilet, and previous research has suggested that nearly half of us do it.

But it’s a really, really bad idea, a GP has revealed – as it exposes phones to harmful bacteria which can make you (or others) really ill.

Speaking to SBS, Dr Anchita Karmakar says, ‘There are water and air particles that harbour in the little creases of the phone.

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‘And phone covers and cases are usually made out of rubber, which is a warm and comfortable harbouring ground for bacteria.’

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that many of us use our phones while eating – making infection more likely.

Dr Karmakar says, ‘Even if you’re not using your phone on the toilet, you’re still holding it while you’re going in and out of the bathroom, and that’s enough to put bacteria on the phone when you haven’t yet washed your hands.

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