Doctor Who finally unveils the dark truth about Susan Twist

The actress has been cryptically appearing in every episode of the new series.

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Susan Twist as Susan Triad in Doctor Who episode The Legend of Ruby Sunday. (BBC Studios/James Pardon)

Doctor Who's long-running Susan Twist mystery finally came to a head on Saturday evening.

In the penultimate episode of the series, titled The Legend of Ruby Sunday, the reoccurring actress turned up on our screens for the ninth time in total. Twist's latest character was billionaire Susan Triad, who was readying the launch of some worldwide software through her company S Triad Technology.

After convincing himself that Susan was in fact his regenerated granddaughter, The Doctor had a menacing shock in store as she unveiled herself to be Sutekh, the god of death.

In Whovian lore, Sutekh is the leader of the Pantheon of Discord and wants to destroy all life in the universe.

The god of death Sutekh revealed her true form. (BBC screenshot)
The god of death Sutekh revealed her true form. (BBC screenshot)

The Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday started off by paying UNIT a visit, where they requested the taskforce's assistance in analysing a "really weird" middle-aged woman that keeps appearing everywhere they land in different forms.

"She's everywhere, so she must be here. I was hoping that UNIT can find her," stressed the Time Lord.

It was then revealed that she existed as IT genius Susan Triad at that moment in time, which led The Doctor to point out her anagram surname that could also spell TARDIS. Coupled with the fact his granddaughter was called Susan, he came to believe that she must be regenerating and hiding from him.

Later on, the two were introduced to one another by his ex-companion Mel Bush, who was stationed undercover at S Triad Technology by UNIT.

"Have we met before?" he asked, to which she answered: "If you don't mind my saying, I'd remember a handsome chap like you!" before informing him that she doesn't get much sleep due to strange dreams.

This encounter only solidified his granddaughter theory, but in the end The Doctor couldn't have been any further from the terrible truth. During the live broadcast for her tech launch, Susan fell to her knees and transformed into a demonic creature - 'S Triad Technology' shortening to 'Sutekh' on a big screen.

"Did you think I was family, Doctor?" she snarled before 'TO BE CONTINUED' flashed on screen.

The Doctor originally mistook Susan for his granddaughter. (BBC screenshot)
The Doctor originally mistook Susan for his granddaughter. (BBC screenshot)

Doctor Who fans were falling over each other to react to this throwback twist on social site X.

"That reveal was 1000/10," declared one user, while a second wrote: "Oh my giddy aunt. That was good. Still picking my jaw off the ground. That end scene did scare me."

"#DoctorWho FINALLY DID THE THING! Though the rest of the episode was weirdly jumbled (the Ruby's Mum plot felt very shoehorned in), I've been begging for the return of Sutekh for years," celebrated someone else.

Tom Baker's Time Lord in Pyramids of Mars. (YouTube screenshot)
Tom Baker's Time Lord in Pyramids of Mars. (YouTube screenshot)

Sutekh's Who-history dates all the way back to Tom Baker's tenure as The Doctor. More specifically, this Big Bad has only shown its face in the series 13 four-parter Pyramids of Mars, which aired in the autumn of 1975.

Travelling back to the Victorian era, The Doctor discovers strange happenings inside a Gothic mansion. Its owner has been replaced by the evil Ibrahim Namin, who's unleashed an army of killer mummies around the grounds. Beneath a pyramid, Sutekh the Destroyer awaits his freedom and promises death to all living things.

Following this debut, Sutekh's name cropped up twice in the Who novelisation The Sands of Time (1996) and short story Going Once, Going Twice (2018).

Throughout the current series on BBC One, Sutekh has been referred to as both 'The Oldest One' and 'The One Who Waits' by various other villains.

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