Doctor Who's Millie Gibson Explains Why '73 Yards' Holds A 'Special Place' In Her Heart

 Ruby Sunday on Doctor Who.
Ruby Sunday on Doctor Who.

Spoilers below for those who aren't fully caught up with Doctor Who via Disney+ subscription.

"73 Yards" may be the wildest episode yet of Doctor Who's new era, and could be hard to top. The latest news on the episode came from star Millie Gibson, who said the script held a "special place" in her heart, which may seem like an odd comment to anyone who watched the episode. But her explanation for the sentiment makes total sense.

In a sweet Instagram share, the main companion of the Doctor Who cast recalled this being her first time getting a look at a script for the series, and lo and behold, this was her doozy of an introduction. The actress talked about getting the script and why it is so special to her:

73 Yards was the very first script I read for our series of Doctor Who. I remember closing it and re reading it again straight away. It has such a special place in my heart; I didn’t know Ruby, I didn’t know what her story was going to entail, and I didn’t know anyone at Doctor Who either.

Imagine reading a story about Ruby being isolated from The Doctor and targeted by a haunting woman who ultimately ends up being an elderly and near-death version of herself from an alternate timeline. Now, imagine that being your introductory episode for this generally fun and fancy-free franchise and then being excited to be a part of that creepiness! It's a good thing the rumors about Millie Gibson leaving the series early on weren't true, and that she'll be back alongside the show's other new companion actress, Varada Sethu.

Especially out of context from the rest of the season, this episode would seem like an even more bizarre first read for the actress, so it must have been that much more of a jolt for this episode to be the earliest filmed. Millie Gibson shared more details about her experience in her caption:

During filming this episode, I experienced everything for the first time that Ruby was experiencing too. I grew and learnt so much as an actress and as a person. When I watch this episode, I feel such a sense of fulfilment and joy. This particular journey has been very nostalgic to see back and I am just so happy to have accomplished 73 yards.

Reading things like this always makes me so much more appreciative of the work that actors do because how do you deliver such a powerful performance out of sequence? Millie Gibson filmed Ruby's adopted mother turning on her before really understanding their bond, as well as her reminiscing on her time with The Doctor despite not having filmed any other adventures with him to that point.

Doctor Who's '73 Yards' Is The Best Of The Season, But One Tragic Moment Felt Especially Cruel

Millie Gibson in Doctor Who
Millie Gibson in Doctor Who

This made me upset.

Millie Gibson is just one of a few reasons Doctor Who's Disney+ era is a blast, as this season is flourishing on many levels. With half of the season over already, it'll be interesting to see if the season can stick the landing and set the stage for what should be an exciting continuance to the arc at the end of the season.

Thus far, the season has already lined up many questions. Unfortunately, we're not closer to answers on why it randomly snows around Ruby Sunday or answers on The Doctor's true origin. Hopefully, we'll have some answers by the season's end and not too long of a wait for new episodes!

Catch up on the latest episodes of Doctor Who by heading over to Disney+ and checking out new episodes when they arrive on the platform on Fridays at 7:00 p.m. ET. There's still plenty of time to catch up for those who want to watch the season finale live, so get on it.