Doctor Who writer teases a very dark Christmas special

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It looks like Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat is going to shake our faith in the Twelfth Doctor at least one more time before Peter Capaldi regenerates.

One might have assumed that having the Twelfth Doctor meet up with the First Doctor (David Bradley) and his old companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) would make for a jolly atmosphere in Christmas special 'Twice Upon a Time'.

Not so, apparently. It was actually while talking about Sherlock as a reluctant hero at the London Screenwriters' Festival that Steven Moffat dropped a grim hint about the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Photo credit: BBC

"Why would Superman be good? Because kindness stops you being lonely, would be the answer," he wondered aloud. "That's what that's about, for Sherlock Holmes.

"He's good because for all he protests about it, there are people he cares about. So, kindness is what makes a unit of us. So if you are sane and rational, kindness is by far the best path. There isn't anything rational about being vile and awful and evil. It's not actually a good strategy."

Moffat then warned: "Prepare for that to be contradicted on Doctor Who on Christmas Day."

Uh oh. Given that Steven Moffat is leaving Doctor Who after 'Twice Upon a Time', we can only imagine what he has in store as his parting shot?

After all, this is the man who killed Rory nearly a half-dozen times…

Photo credit: BBC

Whatever darkness may ensue throughout the episode, Peter Capaldi has assured Digital Spy that his regeneration into Jodie Whittaker will be poignant.

Reflecting on his regeneration scene, Peter recently told us: "A lot of people came to visit – a lot of people decided that that was a great day to come and see what was happening! But I didn't mind that. It was lovely.

"I felt Steven [Moffat] had written something very beautiful, and very right for my Doctor, so I was just happy to try and do my best with it."

Doctor Who will return to BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the US this Christmas with 'Twice Upon a Time'. Watch a trailer below:

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