Doctors spoiler: 'The Mole'

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: BBC

From Digital Spy

Rob is alone and sleeping rough, trying to make sense of recent events. The police are searching for him but he doesn't want to be found. He reaches his lowest ebb and then realises what he has to do. He heads to The Mill but doesn't speak to Karen – in fact, he avoids everyone and disappears again.

Turning up at Valerie's house, Rob confronts Ayesha, explaining that he needs to tell her what happened that night. Rob spills everything; the accident, baby Marnie and the night of Bren's death. Ayesha turns on Rob, blaming him for Bren's death.

Meanwhile, Al continues on his kindness mission and attempts to donate his unexpired parking ticket to another driver. The man, Yvan, doesn't really understand what Al is trying to do but accepts the ticket. Jimmi tries to explain to Al that car parking companies can be vindictive when it comes to people using other people's tickets, but Al won't have any of it.

Later in the day, a disgruntled Yvan confronts Al in The Mill with a £50 fine. Al is forced to be even kinder to Yvan and hand over the fine himself, much to Jimmi's amusement.

Elsewhere, Heston attempts to uncover the naked truth from a life model.

Photo credit: BBC

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