Doctors spoilers: Can Suni help a TROUBLED teenager?

 Doctors spoilers, Suni Bulsara, Liam Ryder.
Doctors spoilers, Suni Bulsara, Liam Ryder.

Suni Bulsara (played by Rahul Arya) is due to see teenager Liam Ryder (Harry Brooke) for a counselling session on today's standalone episode of Doctors (1:45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

Liam has been referred for counselling by his school after an incident involving THREATENING behaviour.

But things don't get off to a promising start when Liam is late for his first counselling session.

Then, when Suni starts to try and get to the bottom of WHAT is troubling Liam, the lad is distracted by his phone.

It looks like Suni is going to have his hands full trying to help his reluctant patient...

Doctors spoilers, Liam Ryder, Suni Bulsara
Doctors spoilers, Liam Ryder, Suni Bulsara

Liam arrives for his next session with his mum, Angela (Shelley Williams).

Suni can tell how worried Angela is about Liam.

But unfortunately, he cannot disclose anything that Liam and he have discussed during their CONFIDENTIAL counselling sessions.

Liam starts to open up to Suni and admits the REAL reason it all kicked-off at school...

But Suni remains worried about the number of times that Liam's phone keeps buzzing during their session.

WHO is trying to reach him so desperately?

Doctors spoilers, Angela Ryder, Suni Bulsara
Doctors spoilers, Angela Ryder, Suni Bulsara

But just when Suni is starting to make some progress with Liam, the lad reacts to some messages on his phone.

A few days later, Angela arrives at Suni's office.

She's hoping that Liam will be there since he hasn't been home in a few days.

Plus, he missed his next scheduled counselling session with Suni.

WHERE is Liam?

And WHAT will Suni do when he later receives an unexpected call for help from a desperate Liam?

Doctors spoilers, Liam Ryder
Doctors spoilers, Liam Ryder

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