Doctors spoilers: Can Suni prepare a WINNING pitch?

 Doctors spoilers, Suni Bulsara.
Doctors spoilers, Suni Bulsara.

Suni Bulsara (played by Rahul Arya) is in the bad books after disclosing CONFIDENTIAL information to the surgery staff on Doctors (1:45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

Suni revealed to receptionist/ex-girlfriend Scarlett Kiernan (Kia Pegg) how The Mill could soon be in a bidding war to win the contract for The Campus Surgery.

Now the staff are worried about their working hours being cut if the Campus contract is lost.

Bosslady Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) and business manager Bear Sylvester (Dex Lee) are both annoyed with new practice partner Suni for giving the game away.

Realising that he needs to make amends, Suni asks Zara and Bear if he can have a go at preparing a pitch for the Campus contract.

Zara hasn't really taken Suni seriously as a practice partner so far.

So this could be his chance to shine!

Bear prepares a rival pitch so that they can compare the two.

When Suni starts making his pitch, Zara keeps frantically scribbling notes while he talks.

But is this a good... or a BAD thing?

Doctors spoilers, Zara Carmichael, Bear Sylvester
Doctors spoilers, Zara Carmichael, Bear Sylvester

While on a FME shift at Letherbridge Police Station, Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan) is asked to examine Amalia Reyes (Rhoda Montemayor).

Amalia has a sprained wrist after a scuffle with a security guard when she was caught shoplifting.

Jimmi discovers Amalia is a nurse.

Rob Hollins (Chris Walker) has some good news that Amalia will be released with a caution.

But when the policeman questions Amalia on her motives for shoplifting, she refuses to say.

They are interrupted by the arrival of Bless Halimaw (Renee Montemayor), who claims to be a concerned friend and colleague.

But Jimmi notes fear on Amalia's face when Bless hugs her and his suspicions are raised...

Doctors spoilers, Rob Hollins, Jimmi Clay
Doctors spoilers, Rob Hollins, Jimmi Clay
Doctors spoilers, Amalia Reyes
Doctors spoilers, Amalia Reyes

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