Does C.J. Stroud fit with the Texans? | PFF 2023 NFL Draft Show

The Pro Football Focus live draft show breaks down the Texans grabbing the former Ohio State QB with the second pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

Video transcript

- We need to have the CJ Stroud conversation, right?

- Yeah, let's talk.

- Because he is a really interesting quarterback where I think a lot of people, his supporters, treat him as the cleanest quarterback prospect in this draft, right? He's Bryce Young but he's bigger. He doesn't have the size concerns. He's got better accuracy, better arm. He's the guy.

A lot of people were talking about him being the number one overall pick when Carolina first traded up. And then the other side of it is even including that Georgia game this year, he was in the 10th percentile of PFF grade under pressure.

And then you tie that with the S2 cognition score of bad and then potentially even worse with a retest, depending on the reports out there. Those things together speak to a quarterback that's great in structure. And as soon as structure breaks down, which is a pretty big part of the NFL, we go off a cliff.

- So that's why I think it makes sense for the Texans. Let's assume-- we know Kyle Shanahan is the ultimate, best play caller in the NFL. It's like him and Andy Reid, right? Every year-- for the last 15 years, they're in a different world play calling.

It doesn't mean everybody who's ever worked under Kyle Shanahan will be that guy. But again, Bobby Slowik takes over there. We've seen the Kyle Shanahan tree. That's the offense they're gonna run. So if Bobby could create an offense that's, you know, as good as what his mentor created.

- [CHUCKLES] If Bobby can be as good as Kyle Shanahan?

- If he can be as good as Kyle Shanahan. But I mean, like, they're the best at creating open throws, right? There the best. Like, Mike McDaniel was doing it with the Dolphins last year. If Bobby can do the same thing, CJ Stroud is the best option on the board to execute that.

I got some strong Derek Carr type of vibes from CJ Stroud, which was, man, if I got the offensive line. If I have the receivers, he'll do it well. And I know that's a lot of what ifs.