Does Donald Trump Think Paris Is In Germany?

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump seemingly flunked geography if his latest Twitter gaffe is anything to go by.

The Republican candidate for America’s top job was reacting to the news that a man wearing a fake suicide belt was shot dead in Paris while running towards a police station.

But his rant seemed to mistake the capital of France was found in another country altogether.

Gaffe: Donald Trump seems to have his countries mixed up (Twitter)

He tweeted: “Man shot inside Paris police station. Just announced that terror threat is at highest level.

“Germany is a total mess - big crime. GET SMART!”

Twitter users were quick to jump on Trump’s tweet and ‘Paris is in Germany’ quickly began trending.

Obviously, he came in for a lot of stick:

Some people defended Trump, however, claiming he was making separate points and his tweet was simply poorly written out:

But he might just think Paris is in Germany - they do say the simplest explanations are usually the right ones…

Top pic: Rex