Does Paul Mescal have the sexiest legs in Hollywood? PRIDE investigates

Actor Paul Mescal is famous for wearing short shorts
Actor Paul Mescal is famous for wearing short shorts

Paul MescalPaul Mescal’s short shorts are breaking the internet again!

The All of Us Strangers star stepped out in New York wearing itty-bitty navy blue shorts, a hoodie, and bright green sneakers, prompting PRIDE to put on our investigative journalism hat to find out whether the Irish star has the best thighs in the biz.

The TLDR? Have you seen those muscular gams?

While Mescal is a sharp dresser on the red carpet, denizens of the internet know the 28-year-old actor has been strutting his stuff in slutty little shorts for years now.

Possibly a holdover from his years playing Gaelic football before his acting career took off, Mescal is fond of walking around in shorts, which highlight his very muscular thighs.

He clearly doesn’t skip leg day!

Last summer, Mescal went viral on “Gay Twitter” when a video of him working out for his upcoming role in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator 2 popped up on social media, making everyone start drooling.

These weren’t the only times the Normal People actor’s thighs have caused a stir. Search his name anywhere on social media, and you’ll be greeted with a slew of candid paparazzi shots of him jogging and running errands in sporty little running shorts and a ton of fan-made collages celebrating his enviable legs.

Okay, so we may not be solving world peace with our investigation, but we can officially close the case on the hottest thighs in the film business. It’s Paul Mescal. No competition.

Keep scrolling to see the fruits of our investigation, AKA photos of Mescal in his little shorts.

Paul Mescal in Normal People
Paul Mescal in Normal People

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