What does Ron Burgundy’s sex panther cologne have to do with climate change? Ask Adam McKay

What does Ron Burgundy’s sex panther, vintage basketball cards and a bottle of rare Pappy Van Winkle bourbon have to do with the climate crisis?

The answer is Adam McKay: director of the allegorical climate change movie Don’t Look Up, who is auctioning off some prized possessions to fundraise for climate action.

Mr McKay, who also directed Anchorman and The Big Short, has launched a two-week, online auction on the site CharityBuzz in aid of the Climate Emergency Fund.

The director sits on the board of the charity which funds nonviolent climate activism.

“People in Hollywood auction off stuff they’ve collected for a bunch of different reasons: bankruptcy, a divorce, death, impending death, etc,” he wrote in an email to The Independent. “As for me, I’m freaked out about the ongoing climate emergency. Come take advantage of my profound existential fear and get some cool stuff, so we can raise money to fight for action!”

Some of the lots from Adam McKay’s auction of personal items in aid of the Climate Emergency Fund (Charitybuzz)
Some of the lots from Adam McKay’s auction of personal items in aid of the Climate Emergency Fund (Charitybuzz)

The memorabilia up for grabs comes from both the director’s childhood and Hollywood career. Among the lots are the original Sex Panther Cologne Prop, which appeared on screen in Anchorman, and the chance to meet the director and have a walk-on role in his next movie.

The auction also includes vintage, autographed basketball cards and Marvel comics along with vintage wine and a bottle of 12-year-old Pappy Van Winkle Special Reserve.

The lots have already attracted thousands of dollars in bids. Separately, Mr McKay has pledged $4million to the Climate Emergency Fund, the largest donation in the organisation’s history.

The proceeds from the auction will go to supporting a network of groups carrying out disruptive climate action including Letzte Generation in Germany, Derniere Renovation in France, Ultima Generazione in Italy and Just Stop Oil in the UK.

“Please make me regret the decision to part with my cherished collectibles by bidding on them to support brave climate activists’ efforts to secure a safe and livable future for all life on earth,” Mr McKay added.