Pooch allergic to sunlight ventures outside after four years thanks to 'DOGGLES'

Bugsy the dog pictured with his sunglasses (SWNS)

A dog can finally go for a walk in the sunshine for the first time in four years after his owner bought him a pair of pooch-friendly SUNGLASSES.

Bugsy, 10, suffers from a rare condition which causes his eyes to become inflamed when exposed to UV rays.

The illness, called 'pannus', means the poor pooch can't go outside because the sunlight causes discomfort, redness and pigment changes on the surface of the eye.

Exasperated owner, David Jones, 74, tried eye drops and other treatments but nothing seemed to work - meaning the pair could only go out for walks in the evening or early mornings.

But after consulting a number of different vets, Bugsy was finally prescribed a pair of 'Doggles' - sunglasses for dogs - which protect his eyes from harmful UV rays.

And after donning the £22 accessory David said crossbreed Bugsy has been able to go out in the sun for the first time in four years - and look cool while doing so.

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The grandfather-of-three said some local kids even mistook the snazzy canine lenses for a fashion accessory.

He said: "It was around four years ago when I noticed he was having problems.

"His eyes would run and become all red and they were very uncomfortable.

"I went to several vets to try and find out what was wrong. But I¹m pleased I have now found a solution.

"At first Bugsy wanted to get them off his face. But he knows who's boss so I made him keep them on. After a while I think he started to realise they were doing him good.

"He has been so much better. He is such a good companion and is always by my side so it is great to make him more comfortable.

"Quite a few people comment when I¹m out. Most of the time people ask me what¹s wrong with his eyes.

"The kids just think he is trying be cool."

David, from Tividale, West Midlands, was advised to purchase the Doggles by his local branch of veterinary chain White Cross.

Clinic director Bonnie Leibowitch said it was the first time the practice had recommended Doggles for treating eye conditions.

She said: "Mr Jones felt Bugsy was really suffering with his eyes and noticed the problem was worse on sunny days.

"This meant he had to restrict Bugsy¹s walks during the daytime which was extremely sad, especially with summer approaching.

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"Eye drops helped but Mr Jones wanted to do more.

"After speaking to various experts we decided to try fitting him with a pair of Doggles and they¹ve been a huge success.

"It's the first time we've recommended them to an owner but Mr Jones feels they are helping Bugsy to enjoy the sunshine once again after years of missing out."

Doggles spokesperson Roni Di Lullo said it had even started making prescription versions of its product for light-sensitive hounds.

He said: "We wish Bugsy the best, he looks wonderful with his Doggles."

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