Dog amazingly passes obedience test not to eat biscuit

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This dog amazingly passed an obedience test not to eat biscuit while its owner's back was turned - but not without drooling everywhere. 

Owner Ella Dixon, 20, tested her adorable dog Holly by putting a cookie right under the pet's nose - but telling it not to eat it.

Amazingly when she went out the room - leaving the camera rolling - the pooch looked wide-eyed at the treat, but didn't break the rules.

Hilariously the dog can be seen drooling as it looks wide-eyed at the snack - but doesn't gobble it up until Ella returns and gives it permission.

Ella from Worthing, West Sussex, said she couldn't believe Holly, six, listened to her.

Ella said: "I saw the challenge on TikTok and thought it would be something fun and light-hearted to try in lockdown with Holly.

"I honestly didn't expect her to wait that long - but bless her, she did exactly as she was told.

"When we watched the video back, we were laughing for so long, and the video blew up on TikTok with others saying they found it hilarious too.

"Holly is a star now - she ended up getting two million views overnight!"

Ella, who lives with boyfriend Harry, 19, said rescue dog Holly, whose lived with her for three years is "very clever" and has "a big personality."

Ella said: "Holly has always been hilarious, but she's also easy to train because she's so clever.

"She's also very loving, and loves to snuggle.

"I have cats too, and she acts like their mum and cuddles up to them all the time.

"Now she's a TikTok star - and everyone else loves her as much as we do."