Me and My Dog: the BBC’s canine contest with Chris Packham where everyone’s a winner

Ben Travis
BBC/Wall To Wall Media/Harry Atkinson

The return of Crufts earlier this year gave dog lovers some must-watch telly, with plenty of adorable four-legged friends on TV.

But there’s no denying that the elite competition is a little bit too, well, fancy.

Step in Me and My Dog, a BBC competition show where everyone’s a winner.

Presented by Springwatch favourite Chris Packham, the show challenges dog owners from across the country to put their pet to the test.

While one canine contender will be named top dog, this chance to further the bond between owners and their pups is one where everyone will benefit.

“We’ve scoured the country and found eight people who all believe they have the ultimate relationship with their canine companions,” Packham explains.

“Over the course of the contest, guided by some of the country’s top dog trainers and canine scientists, we’ll see them unlock the full potential of their partnerships.”

Needless to say it’s an adorable watch, with some cute and hilarious four-legged participants – all wonderful in their own ways, and not all necessarily the most obedient.

In fact, if your favourite bit in Crufts was the over-excited rescue dog, you’ll surely enjoy the sometimes unruly animals here.

BBC Two, 8pm