Dog and Bear Have Intense Face-Off at Window of New York Home

An eight-year-old Wheaten Terrier named Benjamin engaged in a steely face-off with a bear through a second-floor window at the dog’s home in New York’s Putnam County, video posted on June 6 shows.

This video of the encounter was captured by Benjamin’s owner, Erica Barretto, who said the bear was climbing up a tree outside to try to reach a bird feeder. The encounter lasted about 4 to 5 minutes, she estimated.

This wasn’t the first hungry bear to visit her home, Barretto told Storyful.

“We had another much larger one at our front steps attempting to reach a bird feeder on another tree, but he was easily spooked away,” she said.

This time, when her daughter alerted her to the bear, Benjamin ran over to the window, according to Barretto.

“It was an intense stare down at first, then, when he barked and the bear didn’t budge, we shooed it away and closed the window,” she told Storyful. “The only barrier before that was the screen!” Credit: Erica Barretto via Storyful

Video transcript