Dog 'bears uncanny resemblance to Hollywood actor Will Ferrell'

Meet the pup which the internet thinks bears an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood actor Will Ferrell - dubbed "Will Furrell". Owners Daisy Goord, 28, and Ben Strudwick, 29, have had Peach, a three-year-old Poochon, since she was eight weeks old but never noticed the resemblance.

Last month owner Daisy posted a video of Peach on the social media app TikTok. The video quickly became viral with thousands comparing the pooch to the 56-year-old American actor Will Ferrell.

One comment read: "That dog looks more like Will Ferrell than Will Ferrell." Another said: "Oh dear god, it's the spitting image!"

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Daisy, a hairdresser in Plymouth, Devon, said: "The Will Ferrell comments started coming in thick and fast as soon as we posted the video. We realised it wasn't just one persons opinion, but thousands saw the resemblance instantly.

"People find it hilarious and want us to get her an elf costume as soon as possible! We love how much it's made everyone laugh and how people have even given her the nickname 'Will Furrell.'"