Dog Cam Captures Hike Through 'Nooks and Crannies' of San Rafael Swell

Utah-based hiker Luke Schreder decided to capture the beauty of the state’s San Rafael Swell region from the perspective of one of his dogs, by strapping a camera to its back.

Schreder shared the results of the canine cam to the Hiking With Dogs Facebook group on February 26, captioning the footage “girls just wanna have fu-un.”

In the video, which Schreder first posted to his own Facebook account in December, his dogs — Kahli, Bagheera and Marley — can be seen adventuring through the striking landscape, with Kahli chosen to carry the camera.

Describing the action, Schreder told Storyful “We’re from the midwest so just wanted to explore in a barren, adventurous area of the state, to appreciate the solitude, along with the nooks and crannies,” of the landscape. Credit: Luke Schreder via Storyful