Dog captures hearts after hilariously failing all tests to become service animal

Bonnie Christian
Double H Canine Training Academy

A dog who hilariously failed all his tests for becoming a service animal has captured the heart of the Internet.

Ryker was filmed being put through his paces at Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky in a video posted in 2018.

It has since resurfaced and gone viral on Twitter, with many praising the “good boy” for making people laugh.

The video shows the playful pup chewing and climbing on a wheelchair before dragging it across a room by its wheel.

In another scene, he barks at and then bites the bottom of a walking frame, pulling it away from the person using it.

He is then seen being held on a lead by someone using a wheelchair before becoming distracted by a tennis ball and pulling the person out of their seat as he chases after it.

In another clip, Ryker is shown pulling on a rope attached to a fridge door, but rather than letting go once it has opened, begins to drag the entire fridge across the floor.

The video is captioned: "Every dog has a purpose. Clearly Ryker’s purpose is not to be a service dog. Check out this video documenting his good hearted attempt."

In its Facebook page's “about” section, the Double H school says: “We believe every dog can be trained.

“You may ask yourself how we know. We know because we have trained hundreds of dogs.

"We understand how dogs think and we train dogs to be well mannered, in a way that works according to how dogs view the world around them.”

It says the academy’s goal is to ”help you and your dog lead a life full of fun and adventure.”

On Twitter many commented how Ryker had “made their day” with his antics.

One wrote: “Unsolicited personal rating: 31/10”.

Another added: “I couldn't stop laughing! Exactly what I needed.”

And one offered: “Ryker- would be a great service dog for someone who needs joy and laughter - he can be in my pack any day”.